The Marshall Fire Protection District was established in 1956 by order of the Clark County Board.  Prior to its establishment, fire protection for the area was provided by the City of Marshall Fire Department.  The City of Marshall Fire Department was for city residents only, leaving surrounding residents without any official fire protection.  Being true to the long lasting tradition of fire fighting, the City of Marshall Fire Department also responded to most fires outside of the city limits. For over 20 years the burden of operating the department was paid for with taxes from city residents only.  As the operating costs began to increase it was obvious there was a need for official fire protection which included not only the City of Marshall but also the surrounding areas.  The issue was brought before a vote and in 1956 the Marshall Fire Protection District assumed the City of Marshall Fire Department for one dollar, it also assumed the responsibility of fire protection for the City of Marshall and the entire district.  The MFPD is governed by a board of Trustees, appointed by the Clark County Board.

​  Clayton Rhoads, the City of Marshall Fire Chief, became the first Fire Chief for the Marshall Fire Protection District.  The MFPD operated out of a small two truck garage attached to the Marshall City Hall.  In 1974 construction began on a new building, large enough to accomodate the current and future needs of the MFPD.  The MFPD is still housed in this building, centrally located at the intersection of Archer Avenue and Michigan Street.  In addition to fire protection, the MFPD assumed ambulance service responsibilities in 1975.  Prior to this, ambulance service was provided by local funeral directors.  Ambulances operated from the MFPD building until the Trustees saw a need for a separate building to house all ambulance and rescue services.  Although the MFPD is one body, it operates two related entities, the Fire Department and Ambulance Service.  In addition to responding to medical emergencies, the Ambulance Service also incorporates Rescue Services.  The three MFPD emergency services work hand in hand with each other to provide the most professional protection possible to the residents it was designed to serve.  The MFPD also provides mutual assistance to surrounding departments when requested.